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NARRA Sticker Bundle (10-Pack)

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Big on the AIYAH energy? Or always forgetting to bring some egg tarts to-go? We have a sticker bundle that lets you share both! Rounding out our 4th collection, we wanted to showcase some of our designs as stickers so you can personalize your style.

Artwork by Jennifer Le + Christopher Yang

Seven (7) stickers in each bundle


Egg Tart (Vinyl Stickers; Qty: 3)
- Sizes: 3"x3", 2"x2", 1"x1"
- Vinyl
- Glossy
- Water resistant laminate

AIYAH (Vinyl Stickers; Qty: 3)
- Colors: Pink (1), Blue (1), Yellow (1)
- Size: 3.4" x 1"
- Vinyl
- Glossy
- Water resistant laminate

BIG AIYAH 3x (Clear Sticker; Qty 1)
- Size: 3" x 2.5"
- Transparent Vinyl
- UV protective laminate

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