the artists

Get to know the brilliant artists of NARRA! By working closely with a broad range of enthusiastic artists, we're proud to craft meaningful stories into all NARRA pieces–each with a distinct style + depth.


Linda Chung

This is a great mashup with an iconic image and a cultural-ism. No matter what aisle, street, hallway, or park I'm in--there is always some grandpa or uncle ambling with hands behind them. Catch my other work: @lindachungart


Iris Sun
hi there! i'm iris, & i'm a graphic designer, illustrator, & all around artistè! i'm currently working as a designer at an entertainment creative agency. if you like my work & maybe want to see more of it, you can visit my site at! otherwise, you can find me on ig @iirisque :) thanks for stopping by! Website:


Chris Yang

Hey there. I'm a cinematographer that occasionally likes to make graphic art. I definitely draw a lot of my design influences from 20th-century pop art. IG: @yangstopher



Timmy Luong

Yo! I'm a former legal professional chasing my dream to become a video game character artist. I draw inspiration from the diverse characters found in arcade fighting games, RPGs, and anime, and am currently (and slowly) developing a fictional game universe of my own - you can follow my progress over @timmy_drawin_stuff and


Jessica Lin

hi friends! jessica here! i'm just a casual doodler who got to design the dumpling season sweater! (my first apparel design ever ༼ಢ_ಢ༽) thank you for supporting artists like myself and all the amazingly talented hoomans on this page. be sure to come say hi! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ @jessicaxlin k bye.


Jennifer Le

Helloooo! I’m a graphic designer based in Los Angeles, with an emphasis on hand lettering, typography, and minimalism! I like to emphasize aspects of self-love and self-care in my work. You can follow my journey on IG @jdle or YouTube


Kenson Lee

Hello! I am a visual effects + digital artist based in Los Angeles + formerly worked at Wong Fu Productions. My work is influenced by Asian + Asian American stories, culture + identity — along with a heavy dose of anime + gaming inspiration. I've worked with many brands across film, television, music, gaming + fashion, but my heart lies in new + emerging media. Follow my work -☀🐵👑 or @rikognition

Nicole Santos 

Healthcare worker by day, recreational doodler by night. Based in Los Angeles. My drawings are inspired by my poor dietary choices but also just my poor choices in general. See my stuff + say hi over at IG @nicolebeingsketchy!


Wesley Chan

Hello. I mostly live in my own imagination. Follow my work - IG @thewesleychan




Sorie Kim

I'm an illustrator + instructor based in Los Angeles. I currently teach Foundation Sketching at Brainstorm School + have taught classes for DreamWorks Animation, Domestika, + Class101. 
Follow my work - IG: @soriekim


Monica Kang

I’m a Los Angeles + Orange County-based illustrator + designer that specializes in whimsical, playful, + quirky illustrations. My work is mainly inspired by the small joys found in everyday life like the first sip of iced black coffee in the morning. 
Follow my work at IG: @_monicakang



We are always excited to work with new artists + designers. If you love what we're doing + want to work with us, we are accepting submissions here. Thanks!